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Europlanet/FP7-IDIS Development

Europlanet-Research Infrastructure/FP7 Joint Research Activity 4 - IDIS  prepared essential tools that were progressively implemented during the project as web services allowing the Planetary Science community to interrogate some selected data centres, access and process data, and visualise the results. The key objectives of this JRA were:

  • To define the data models and standards required to enable the services provided by SA IDIS to work in an interoperable fashion, and to investigate the basic elements of a future VO in planetology.
  • To generalise the experience gained from SkyBoT (Sky Body Tracker), a virtual observatory service for ephemeredes developed at Observatoire de Paris, to other datasets provided by SA IDIS.
  • To develop user-friendly interfaces to access to reference laboratory data required to interpret observations or to run simulation models whenever such data already exist.
  • To create new databases, long-awaited by the scientific community, accessible through web services
  • Products of JRA4 will be used by SA-IDIS or made available to all planetary scientists by SA-IDIS.

JRA4-IDIS was organized in 4 tasks:

Task #1: Coordination of JRA4

Task #2: Interoperable Data Access

Task #3: Added Value Services to Users

Task #4: New Databases

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