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IDIS Documents

The status and development of IDIS is reflected in a set of documents, which can be accessed via this page. All public available versions are in Adobe-PDF format. Additionally some of the IDIS-team meetings are memorized by additional picture series in JPEG format. Documents for internal use by the IDIS team might be in other formats; their access is password protected.

General Documents:

Summary of the IDIS network structure

IDIS Leaflet (1,2M)

Joining IDIS Services (Poster, 960k)

Resource Definition (vs2)(2M)

Acknowledgement text for Europlanet publications (9k)


Important documents:

IDIS User Requirements Document (970k)

Data Model for Europlanet IDIS VO (vs 2.0)(0.8M)

Schema Documentation for EPNCore.xsd Nov 2012 (24M) - Interactive interface at VO-Paris

Europlanet Table Access Protocol EPN-TAP vs 0.26 (1.1M)

Europlanet Space Data Access PDS library vs 2.8.1a (1.1M)

Matrix of Science Cases vs. responsible nodes and Science Working Team groups (21,3k)

These and other public documents can be found here.

IDIS-internal documents are available after password protected identification

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