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JRA4 Task #3: Added Value Services to Users

Added Value Services to Users, leader DLR/IPR (Thomas Roatsch, thomas.roatsch(at) stephane.erard(at)

Task 3 will work in close conjunction with Task 2 to enable users to extract information from several data sets and compare them. It will develop interactive tools, which facilitate the retrieval of data set for given regions, times, or data types. It will create interfaces for existing databases that currently have complex query and access procedures, making them widely accessible by the Planetary Science community.

Task 3 will specifically

  • Develop tools to register different images of the same planetary regions, to characterise features such as impact craters, tectonic features, geological units and chemical composition
  • Develop a versatile software to access PDS data archives (from space-borne instruments) in a non-commercial environment. The scope will be limited to the most common data objects in a first step (e.g., images, spectra, cubes, standard tables)
  • Adapt or develop VO tools to register 2D data (images and derived products) of the same areas/targets, and to compare reference spectral data with observational ones.
  • Survey the evolution of international space data archive standards such as PDS/PSA and IPDA, and possibly provide them with recommendations to optimize the use of these data in a VO context
  • Study other situations relevant to FP6 user cases and provide specific answers whenever required or feasible. This may include: access to spectroscopic databases of atomic and molecular lines; Search interface to retrieve information from laboratory atmospheric chemistry databases; Pipeline tools to facilitate the transformation of lab data into quantities required for models of planetary atmospheres; Simulation of gas phase observations of planetary atmospheres.
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