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JRA4 Task #1: Coordination of JRA 4

gerard.chanteur(at) LPP/Polytechnique

Deputy Coordinator: Maria Teresa Capria, (mariateresa.capri(at) INAF/IASF

Technical Manager: Walter Schmidt, ( FMI

JRA4-IDIS is intrinsically linked with the Service Activity SA-IDIS, and will therefore be managed by a single coordinating team, composed of the leaders of the various JRA tasks and SA services under the leadership of the IDIS coordinators.

One representative of JRA1, an engineer in charge of the VO tool SkyBoT, and a scientist from JRA3 will be associated to the management team of JRA4 to ensure an efficient integration of the tools and results delivered by JRAs 1 & 3.

This is described more fully in connection with the network implementation of SA-IDIS. Integration Workshops will be organized once a year to review the advancement of tasks 2 to 4, to define exchanges between tasks and to coordinate deliveries to SA-IDIS.

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