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euroPLANET 220 RI launched: (1.9.2015) On September 1 2015 a new 4-years project under the EU Horizon-2020 program was launched. The partners are listed on the new project's web page.

IDIS General Meeting #6IDIS General Meeting: (07.-09.06.2011) CNR building, Piazzale Aldo Moro, 7, Aula Silvestri

IDIS Data Model, version 1.18a published (04.02.2011)

IDIS Resource Definition document, version 2, published (01.-04.02.201)

Re-structuring of Science Case 0.1 (03.06.2010)

The science case 0.1 and related information at the TN was re-structured and extended to simplify its usage.

Re-Activation of User Comment Page (02.03.2010)

The Technical Node Web-Page offers again the possibility to give comments, suggestions or send requests to the IDIS management. E-mail address for response is now mandatory.

Advertisement of Job Opportunities (11.02.2010)

Job opportunities in the field of planetary sciences are regularily advertised via the home page of Europlanet-RI. This is a direct link to the archive.

IDIS General Meeting in Toulouse (Wed 27.-Fri 29.1.2010)

At the end of January 2010 members of the two IDIS-related activities, SA-IDIS and JRA4/IDIS, came together to a general meeting, hosted by CESR-CNRS in Toulouse, France.

During this meeting the detailed strategy for the development and implementation of the data network IDIS was discussed.

Public demonstration of XML-based networked IDIS search engine at EPSC 2009 in Potsdam (10.9.2009)

A registry-based distributed search engine for access to all information currently available via IDIS will be demonstrated during the Europlanet Science Congress in Potsdam, 14.-18. September, at the IDIS stand. The final implementation will depend on the outcome of the datamodel and tools definition under preparation in Europlanet-RI / JRA4.

IDIS network-wide text search tools available (9.9.2009)

Two node-independent text-based search tools are now available inside IDIS: A Google-engine based search environment at the CDPP part of the plasma node and a general text search tool at the Planetary Dynamics and Extraterrestrial matter node. See also the links from this node's search page.

Harmonized web-site layout across all Europlanet-RI Web-servers implemented for IDIS (29.08.2009)

A harmonized web-layout for all Europlanet-RI activities is now implemented on all IDIS-related Web-servers.

IDIS continues under EU FP7

IDIS is part of the FP7 program "Europlanet Research Infrastructure" (12/2009)

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