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JRA4 Task #4: New Databases

New Databases, leader CNRS/LPG (Bernard Schmitt, bernard.schmitt(at)obs.ujf-grenoble.frjoern.helbert(at)

Task 4 will develop a generic infrastructure of spectroscopic databases for solids (ices, minerals, organic molecules, extraterrestrial and synthetic organic matter). This infrastructure will be VO compliant and will enable the implementation of added value services as web services. Three specific databases will be developed on this infrastructure during the present contract : UV-to-FIR transmission spectroscopy of ices and organics, UV-to-NIR bidirectional reflection spectroscopy of solid surfaces (planetary analogue materials), and  NIR-MIR Emission spectroscopy of minerals. An easy access to these laboratory data is a prerequisite for the analysis of spectro-photometric observations of solar system objects (Mars, Mercury, Titan, Icy satellites, TNO, comets, ...) and the design of observation strategies for space missions. For details see the related web-site

Task 4 will also provide the whole astrochemical community (including planetary scientists) with an easy access to all reaction rate coefficients of astrochemical interest. For this, Task 4 will implement the chemistry datamodel developped by the GRAMIS Team (including physico-chemists, planetologists and astrophysicists) into KIDA (Kinetic Database for Astrochemistry) and develop a user interface for KIDA.

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