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Update Information

  • Link to new 4-year Horizon-2020 project euroPLANET added
  • Link to ESA's Space Technology forum added added to Instrument Development
  • Link to the US AIAA searchable library for space technology added to Instrument Development
  • Information about Planetary Terain Simulation facility in Torino, Italy, added
  • Link to the Lunar Dust Simulator at the NASA center for Lunar dust and atmospheric studies added
  • Link to European Commission Researcher Exchange server added
  • Link to Heliophysics Integrated Observatory (HELIO) added
  • Link to JRA4-IDIS TWIKI added to the internal document server entry page
  • Mandatory acknowledgement text for publications added to public documents
  • First version of the IDIS VO data model published in the public documents section
  • Link to list of institutes participating in IDIS added to the Credits and to the home page
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