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IDIS Network

The Integrated and Distributed Information Service (IDIS) is set up as a network of six web-servers hosted each by a different institute in Europe. In order to deal with the very diverse science fields related to planetary sciences these were split into five different areas, each with their own group of experts supporting the activities of the node and the screening of the published node contents:

Physics of solar system bodies' interiors and surfaces


Host: in close cooperation with the

Solar system bodies' atmospheres


Host:    in close cooperation with the Service d'Aeronomie , both in Paris, France.

Plasma sciences in the solar system and beyond


Host: Space Research Institute Graz (IWF) in close cooperation with the Plasmas Physics Data Centre Toulouse (CDPP).

Physics of small bodies and dust in the solar system


Host: Institute for Space Astrophysics and Planetology IAPS, Rome, Italy

Planetary Dynamics and Extraterrestrial matter


Host: Paris Observatory; the node is operated by the Virtual Observatory at the Paris Data Center. This node provides tools to calculate positions of planets and other bodies in the Solar system and access to a wide variety of spectral and other databases useful for remote sensing, identifying extraterrestrial matter and atmospheric research.

Technical Node

Site: or

Host: Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki, Finland. The node coordinates the development and network activities and hosts those services and aspects of planetary sciences not related to one of the other five nodes like ground-based observations, laboratories, etc. It serves as the default gateway into IDIS besides the direct access possibilities to the five thematic nodes. The generic IDIS web address is associated with the home page of the technical node.

Node Structure

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