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New Europlanet Horizon2020 Research Infrastructure

New EuroPLANET Research Infrastructure

The Europlanet project continues as part of the European Union Horizon-2020 program as EuroPLANET Research Infrastructure with new aims and partners. For details go to the home page of the new project

       EuroPlanet Research Infrastructure


FMI hosts again the networking activities.

For details see the new Network Activities NA1 webpage

Welcome to the EuroPlanet/FP7 IDIS Technical Node Homepage

This is the technical node of the Integrated and Distributed Information Service as part of the EuroPlaNet FP6 / FP7 project, started with the support of the European Commission under the 6th Framework Program "Structuring the European Research Area" - Research Infrastructures Action and extended under the European Commission's 7th Framework Program, grant agreement 228319, as part of the Capacities Specific Programme / Research Infrastructures.

A list of institutes which had directly participated in the IDIS development can be found here.

As a continuation a new 4-years project euroPLANET was launched on September 1, 2015, under the EU's Horizon-2020 program.

The EuroPlaNet/FP7 Information Service

The EuroPlaNet information service provides access to lists of researchers, laboratories and data archives relevant for many aspects of planetary and space physics. IDIS is built around six nodes located in different European countries. Information can be accessed via search tools in the technical node or directly via services available in the different thematic nodes. Select any of the nodes presented in the link list above.


The intention of IDIS is to provide easy-to-use access to resources like people, laboratories, modeling activities and data archives related to planetary sciences. IDIS by itself is not a repository of original data but rather supports the access to various data sources. The final goal of IDIS is to provide Virtual Observatory tools for the access of data from laboratory measurements and ground- and spaced-based observations to modeling results, allowing combining as divergent data sources as feasible.

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